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Welcome to MAE-EITEL, Inc.

Established in 1931 as a manufacturing shop, we have grown into an international manufacturer of precision machine tools, transforming ideas into successful products for more than 80 years now.

Our clear-cut focus on customer benefits and value for money, outstanding staff in all departments and an approved good quality management system make MAE a market leader worldwide when it comes to straightening and assembly machines. Our philosophy is to seek the best solution for you in every respect. This includes expert advice, premium quality products and reliable service. We also aim to satisfy you when we cannot use a standard product. The range of our portfolio and our strong development department allow us to realise special custom wishes at acceptable expense. Speak to us – we will gladly place the full know-how of our more than 120 employees at your disposal.

Hess-MAE / Hess Straighteners

From 1988 to 2012, ADSF and M-AH series manual and automatic straightening presses were manufactured by Hess MAE Inc. under licence for the US market. Apart from for a few USA-specific equipment features, these machines conform to German standards. The RICOS straightening controller in particular is identical in design.
Following the insolvency of Hess MAE Inc., we took over the production documents and circuit diagrams of delivered machines. With exceptionally well-trained personnel of MAE America and the support of MAE Germany, we are able to provide a fast and efficient service for these machines including retrofits. If you wish to enhance the performance of your machine with new control systems, drive technology, PLC or integrated systems conforming to current MAE standards, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Eitel- and Müller-Weingarten-Straighteners

Eitel Presses

In 1991 we took over the product range "Manual Straightening" from the company Müller-Weingarten AG.
Since then we have been your partner for service and modifications to all manual straightening presses manufactured by the companies Eitel KG, Karlsruhe, and Müller-Weingarten AG up to that point in time.

Built on three pillars: our product portfolio

In the last decades we have developed increasingly from a manufacturer of standard hydraulic presses to specialists for select niche markets.
We have won a leading position as flexible SME with innovative products in the fields of “straightening machines”, “hydraulic presses” and “assembly machines”.


MAE has the broadest portfolio of manual and automatically controlled straightening machines for machining of round, profiled and complexly shaped workpieces available worldwide. Press forces from 15 to 25,000 kN make it possible to straighten workpieces with lengths from 40 mm to 30 m and weights from 5 g to 20 tons. Straightening accuracy of up to 0.01 mm is possible without problem. Apart from the conventional bending-straightening method, we also offer peening-straightening for through-hardened workpieces and torsion-straightening for twisted section bars. The MAE straightening controller for the manual straightening presses in the S-RH and P-H RH series guarantees precise and repeatable working and does not necessitate specially trained operators. Measurement and straightening in one setting ensures optimal cycle times. The M-AH, ASV and ASRU series enable automatic straightening of small, large and complexly shaped workpieces. The software of the RICOS straightening controller is the result of decades of experience with various applications. Innovative ideas are making the straightening process increasingly more powerful and faster. Various interlinking concepts allow rational continuous operation with low manpower requirements.

Hydraulic presses

Our broad range of hydraulic standard presses in the S and DS series with C- and O-frames as well as the four-column presses in the VS series is based on a module system. By recombining and adapting the individual modules, we will find an inexpensive, individually optimised solution with press forces up to 25,000 kN for your needs as well. Hydraulic presses are exposed to considerable stresses in daily use. With 60 years of experience, MAE stands for especially sturdy dimensioning of all components. Comprehensive calculation software including the finite-element method is a further guarantor for exceptionally strong constructions.


Regardless of whether you want to assemble gear parts, rotor shafts or wheelsets: we have suitable solutions. The MAE machine series S and M-S with hydraulic or mechanical servo drive are robust machines tailored to your application. The OPUS controller with flexible software that can be extended to fulfill customer- specific requirements guarantees control and documentation of the assembly process. Our horizontally acting wheelset presses in the RADS series with forces up to 8,000 kN are the specialists for mounting and dismounting wheelsets from railway vehicles. They stand out primarily for their innovative underlying concept, rational interlinking systems and extensive control functions.



Jan 07, 2014 - GESCO subsidiary MAE takes over Eitel Presses Inc.    more ...


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